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Acai Berry Battles Cancer

After discovering the great number of healthy factors that make the acai so renowned, it didn’t take long for scientists to begin to wonder how it fared against cancer. The berry possesses amino acids and fatty omega acids that help battle heart disease, glaucoma, high cholesterol and obesity, so it makes sense to presume it might have an effect on cancer.


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Where Does The Acai Berry Juice Actually Come From?

The acai palm grows in the Brazilian rainforests and has been used as part of the native diet for thousands of years. The acai berry grows on the palm and is easily harvested year round for use as a pulp mixture or fruit juice. In Brazil, the natives use acai for several different dishes, however in the US and the rest of the world, acai is most easily used in a juice form. Acai berry juice is probably the easiest way to prepare the fruit for transport and as a result is how you will usually find it online or in the store.


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The popularity of Acai Berry is steadily increasing thanks to many high profile stars in Hollywood. Celebrities are now using Acai Berry to jumpstart their weight loss plans.
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